About us

WR Logistics (Pty) Ltd is a small family-owned business aiming to offer efficient and cost-effective transport solutions to meet the needs of clients in South Africa.  Currently, the company’s transportation portfolio includes overnight cargo, bulk and break-bulk shipments as well as servicing local and outlying delivery/collection areas.


“We offer Safe, Efficient and Reliable transport solutions”.


To attract, attain and retain clients through the provision of both safe and efficient transport solutions and one that will leave the client confident in a dependable association with our team.

Core values

Safety both on and off the road is paramount to the success of our business. We therefore aim to ensure that all employees receive ongoing training that supports safe driving practices on the roads of South Africa and that also comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Inspectorate.
Strong business relationships are built on trust and integrity. WR Logistics team members will strive to ensure this by conducting every-day business with an ethical framework in mind, honest business practice, and will always display complete impartiality.
Right at the start, the team at WR Logistics made a commitment to offering our clients the best possible standard of service achievable. We know that excelling the expectations of our clients will provide us with a competitive advantage, required for our business to be sustainable.
The crux of a successful business lies in the way employees and customers are treated. We aim to ensure that any individual making contact with our company, be it an employee or a client, will be embraced the same way, i.e. with the patience to actively listen; with empathy and understanding for their situation; with honesty regarding the “positives” and difficulties that are can be expected; and with professionalism to aim to get the job done.
We strive to acquire the correct type and number of vehicles appropriate to the requirements of our clientele. We aim to manage our fleet in a manner that ensures least possible operational costs. We pride ourselves in maintaining consistent high mechanical reliability by ensuring our vehicles are fully maintained by OEM service centers. The company implements a policy and procedure that reflects the best way to operate a fleet with the client’s interest in mind. Hire vehicles to clients either short or long term, whichever is most cost effective and economical for our clients.
Social responsibility
Here at WR Logistics, we believe that it is our obligation, like any other business entity, to identify and get involved in projects that will help balance the economy and the ecosystem. WR Logistics is a business named after one of Africa’s Big Five, the White Rhino.

After a chance encounter with a White Rhino calf who had watched his mother butchered for her horn, it became evident what direction WR Logistics wanted to take. Wildlife conservation and the protection of the Rhino is that which drives the business etiquette of WR Logistics. To date we have been involved in raising both funds and awareness about the plight of the worlds Rhino population and the effect poaching has had on this species. You can read more about these efforts as well as some of our favourite NPOs on our Instagram link (@wrlogistics). We aim to grow these efforts as our company grows, ensuring that a sizable portion of annual profits are donated to the caring and protection of Rhinos, Elephants and other wildlife.


WR Logistics (Pty) Ltd
Physical Address: Unit 31, 151 Lena Ahrens Road, Durban, 4001
Vat no :4420277149
Reg no: 2017/072264/07

Telephone: 083 324 3055

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